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What a great little project. Well done devs

Well done


Thank you so much for you comment and video . The devs were just me  :P

Looks nice, seems really interesting. Could definitely use a slower response with the mouse and some voice acting but this looks great so far.


I tried to do some voice acting, but I'm a brazillian, so the english voice wasn't so good. But I'm looking into it. Thanks for your comment!

Ya know. I do voice acting. I can help you out in that department if you need it. ;D
This project looks good enough I'd be happy to donate the time when I can between work. I like what you've built and think it's something worth doing.

Heads up, this is my Youtube Channel:

I can help on the robot voice as well as other normal stuff.  It'll be crisp, clean audio. Not amatuer quality.
Let me know if you're interested.