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Doesn't mean to be mean tells the story of a human who wakes up before the predicted time of a cryogeny. Without his full memory and stuck inside a space base. He relies on a camera, endowed with artificial intelligence and sarcasm and he should reach the communications center to be able to call for help.

For this he has to go through 4 levels divided into 4 different environments and connected by teleports. From one level to another there are puzzles that when completed, the player will be teleported to the next level.

In each level the player is faced with objects and characters that lead to multiple choice dialogues, secret messages and consequences. 

Contact: raafaela_pontes@hotmail.com

Facebook: Rafaela Pontes Gestal 



Doesn't Mean To Be Mean.rar 197 MB


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What a great little project. Well done devs

Well done


Thank you so much for you comment and video . The devs were just me  :P

Looks nice, seems really interesting. Could definitely use a slower response with the mouse and some voice acting but this looks great so far.


I tried to do some voice acting, but I'm a brazillian, so the english voice wasn't so good. But I'm looking into it. Thanks for your comment!

Ya know. I do voice acting. I can help you out in that department if you need it. ;D
This project looks good enough I'd be happy to donate the time when I can between work. I like what you've built and think it's something worth doing.

Heads up, this is my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgF3XP1BXNQTqSLUgXNbRWg

I can help on the robot voice as well as other normal stuff.  It'll be crisp, clean audio. Not amatuer quality.
Let me know if you're interested.